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Symbiotropin by Nutraceutics (formerly known as Pro hGH Symbiotropin) FREE Shipping
Symbiotropin is the original secretagogue. Recommended by doctors and leading anti-aging therapists.

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Treat yourself to something special. With Symbiotropin you may experience some of the following:

  • May boost your energy (most people feel it immediately
  • May reduce wrinkles and sags by increasing collagen and elastin
  • May revitalize hair and nail growth
  • May refresh memory, mood and mental energy
  • May help you sleep soundly and awake rested
  • May help eliminate stress & fatigue
  • May speed injury recovery

Younger? Really? No doubt you're skeptical. We've all been around long enough to know that time marches in just one direction, and only a fool would suggest otherwise.

True enough, but it's not the whole truth. While chronological aging can't be slowed or reverse, biological aging is another story. Depending on your actions and attitudes, you can accelerate your physical deterioration - or slow it to the point where your biological age is actually younger than your age in years.

Physicians use and recommend Symbiotropin- in fact, over 20 million servings have been taken.

Suggested Use:
At bedtime, dissolve two Symbiotropin tablets in 2-4 oz. of water, stir and drink. Take Symbiotropin 5 nights per week with 2 nights off for 12 weeks. Take 13th and 14th week off. Repeat 14 wk cycle. For Best Results Symbiotropin should be taken on an empty stomach - No carbs or sugars for a minimum of 2 hrs. prior to taking the product.


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