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For Men and Women

What is Vivaxl?
Vivaxl is a rejuvenating, anti-aging, energy enhancing effervescent cocktail. Some people even call it a "happy cocktail." It was designed to supply the body with the ingredients necessary to produce mood-enhancing, stress-relieving and appetite suppressing chemicals.

Who should take Vivaxl? Is it for men and women?
Vivaxl is for both men and women, and can be taken every day. The multi-faceted benefits of Vivaxl are especially apparent in individuals with hectic, taxing and stressful lifestyles.

How can Vivaxl help me to enjoy better sex?
The release of histamines are a requirement for achieving orgasm. Histamine release during sexual activity is what causes the "sex flush". Taking Vivaxl one half hour before sex may enhance the "sex flush" that occurs during orgasm.

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Nutraceutics Testron SX
Adaptagen Complex
A Vital Source of Energy, Stamina and Sexual Virility!

As we age, our body changes and our sex life may become less satisfying. Seemingly we may lose interest in sex. The barrier is not just psychological. The testosterone that once made your body virile, may be binding to globulins in your blood instead of stimulating the sex centers in your brain. When naturally abundant and free, testosterone can be a vital source of energy, stamina and sexual virility. When deficient, it can cause fatigue, loss of muscle mass, increased body fat and dereased sexual drive.
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NuMan is the most natural scientifically blended male enhancement product on the market today. NuMan's combination of herbs and botanicals allows for 12 hours of increased male potency without the side effects of drugs, or the need for a prescription, and costly Doctors visits are not required.

This combination of all natural ingredients is an all safe formula that allows you to be your best for 12 hours straight !! The All Natural Formula of NuMan was designed to help maintain blood flow and create firmer, fuller erections. NuMan could be the answer as to whether you are experiencing an early sexual decline, or at an increased risk for sexual dysfunction, or to just give yourself an extra boost to make your sex life that much more satisfying than it's been. Buy Here!

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