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The Original Secretegogue!

Clinical data presented at medical conferences in the USA, Europe and South American Suggest that this all-natural pharmafood may increase the release of HGH to more youthful levels. Physicians use and recommend Symbiotropin - in fact, over 100 of million servings have been taken.

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MediTropin With Symbiotropin



  • recommended by physicians*
  • support endocrine (hormone) function*
  • support metabolic function*

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proGen Anti-Aging
Natural Growth Hormone Precursor Transdermal Cream

proGen Anti-Aging

Human Growth Hormone is produced in the pituitary gland and influences the growth of cells, bones, muscles and organs throughout the body. The pituitary's natural production of HGH decreases with age. Studies in the New England Journal Of Medicine have shown that with the use of HGH that the natural aging process can be reversed and/or slowed down.proGen Anti-Aging Cream , with its combination of the Anterior Pituitary Isolate Peptides, the Amino Acids, and the Vitamin B complexes along with the Anti-Oxidants (Vitamin E and Vitamin C), acts as a precursor which may induce the pituitary to increase production of the bodies own natural HGH. The HGH precursor may assist in slowing down and even reversing the human biological aging process.

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